Repairs to all types and makes of Leisure power supplies and battery chargers



    Arsilicii SRL
    Reich Ebox
    Schauldt Elektroblock
    Swift Autocruise
    Zig power master

   Cbe Units
   Zig PCU 1250

Mastervolt Marine mass combi

Westfalia (VW)



I repair to component level all types of:
  •     caravan power units
  •     motor home power units
  •     marine power units
  •     all types battery chargers
  •     control panels all types
  •     leisure electronic equipment and support systems
  •     step controller units
  •     mover control units
  •     remote controllers


I can repair your equipment.

If a unit/system can be repaired and tested as a stand alone unit,

(ie. if I do not need the rest of the unit data bus, multi volts etc.)

you can simply send me the component that is not working.


Repair Turnaround

Repairs are usually 5 days turn around, this depends on what type of fault is wrong with the unit.


If no fault is found with the unit after the initial testing, a test fee will be charged plus any delivery charge. This also applies to units that have been tampered with.



Worldwide Inquiries Now Accepted